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Anyone who has tried to lose weight and improve their fitness knows it can be a battle, and my mission is to help you get into the best shape of your life and win the war against weight gain and poor health. I believe that anyone can lose weight and get fit with a regular program of exercise and good nutrition.


For long lasting weight loss you need to empower both the body and the mind, and by arming you with good nutritional knowledge and a variety of fat busting workouts you to can rise to the challange and enjoy better health, higher energy levels, and a tight, toned body.


I am a Personal Trainer with specialist training in weight loss. I have a wide range of experience teaching fitness in the local community and helping people shift those unwanted pounds. My circuit classes and personal training programs are carefully designed to help adults of all ages, sizes, and fitness levels to lose weight and shape up.


I hope to see you soon! 


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Word on the street:


Coral J: Fun way to get fit - loads of different exercises so you don't get bored. You go at your own pace but you are encouraged to push yourself further. After going to this class for a while, I have been able to reduce my asthma medication. Great!


Louise S: Brilliant and Fun way to excercise, I actually look forward to going each week and really enjoy it keeping fit and exercising at your own level but with great support and guidance, I always go away feeling great. Couldn't ask for more!